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Vaccination Schedule

Vaccinations for common and preventable diseases are both a current and future investment due to the longevity of modern vaccines.

Mandatory Vaccinations

Yellow Fever vaccination is the only vaccination that is mandated by the International Health Regulations as a requirement of entry to countries with potential Yellow Fever disease.

Special Purpose Vaccinations

Some countries, from time to time, or for special purpose, mandate other vaccinations.

  • Travel to many areas requires proper insect protection and sometimes malaria tablets.
  • Travel to altitude requires advice and sometimes medication that diminishes the effects of altitude illnesses.
  • Travel to Saudi Arabia mandates vaccinations for attendance at the annual Haj pilgrimage.

A common example is travel to South America to visit Machu Picchu, the Amazon, Iguazu Falls and parts of Central America. This requires advice and prescription for Yellow Fever vaccine, altitude illness, mosquito spread infections such as Zika or Dengue and Malaria prevention.

For updates and travel recommendations visit

Whilst individual requirements may vary, the standard adult schedules for typical vaccination are as follows (accelerated schedule in brackets):

  • Immunise Against
  • Required Dosage
  • Immunise Against: Hepatitis B
  • Required Dosage: 0, 1, 6 months (0, 7, 21 days, 12 months)
  • Immunise Against: Hepatitis A&B combination
  • Required Dosage: 0, 1, 6 months (0, 7, 21 days, 12 months)
  • Immunise Against: Hepatitis A booster
  • Required Dosage: 1, 6-36 months
  • Immunise Against: Typhoid
  • Required Dosage: Single dose, booster every 3 years
  • Immunise Against: Polio
  • Required Dosage: Single booster dose 10 yearly
  • Immunise Against: Polio Tetanus & Diphtheria
  • Required Dosage: Single booster 10 yearly
  • Immunise Against: Rabies
  • Required Dosage: 0, 7 & 28(21) days, 2 yearly booster or blood test
  • Immunise Against: Japanese Encephalitis
  • Required Dosage: 0 & 28 days (0, 7, 14 days 1-3 months)
  • Immunise Against: Yellow Fever
  • Required Dosage: Single dose provides lifelong protection
  • Immunise Against: Meningitis ACWY (Hajj meningitis vaccine)
  • Required Dosage: Single dose 3-5 yearly

Extra fees may be made for certain immunisations and vaccinations, which are not covered by the Medicare.