Our Practice

We offer a comprehensive and integrated range of services to patients of all ages at one convenient location. Also, our focus is always on helping patients benefit from the best possible treatment available - from basic medical care to complex medical problems.

  • Skin Clinic

    • The Skin Cancer College of Australasia Accredited Doctor
    • Advanced full body mole mapping machine
    • MINI Operating theatre onsite
  • General Practice

    • Wide-range of services
    • Mental health services, allied health services, pre-employment medical
    • Family planning and antenatal care
  • Massage Therapy

    • Cancer treatment: Lymphatic drainage
    • Reflexology, shiatsu, and acupressure
    • Fully-accredited masseuse
    • Hand or chair massage

Meet Our Team

Jema Clinic's experienced team prides itself on combining clinical expertise, proactive care and the latest medical information and technology to give patients the level of diagnostic and treatment excellence they deserve.

  • Dr. Edward Ogiji

    Dr. Edward Ogiji

    Specialist General Practitioner

    Paediatrics, Men's Women's Health & Travel Medicine...

  • Dr Padmaja Putha

    Dr Padmaja Putha

    Specialist General Practitioner


  • Dr Modi

    Dr. Sunny Modi

    Specialist General Practitioner

    Skin cancer and Circumcision Doctor

  • Mosun Ogiji

    Mosun Ogiji

    Credentialed Diabetes Educator

  • Dr. Dana Moisuc

    Dr. Dana Moisuc

    Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

  • Dr. Dr Mahshid Firoozeh

    Dr. Dr Mahshid Firoozeh

    General Practitioner

    MD (Doctor of Medicine)

  • Dr Sina Vahabi

    Dr Sina Vahabi

    General Practitioner

    MD (Doctor of Medicine)

  • Dr Mohammadreza Ahmadpour

    Dr Mohammadreza Ahmadpour

    General Practitioner

    MD (Doctor of Medicine)

  • Dr Ali Ahmadpour

    Dr Ali Ahmadpour

    General Practitioner

    MD (Doctor of Medicine)

  • Dr Manjula Somarathne

    Dr Manjula Somarathne

    General Practitioner

    MD (Doctor of Medicine)

  • Dr Soyinka Sonubi

    Dr Soyinka Sonubi

    General Practitioner

    Family Medicine. MBBS, MMED, (MSC International Health Management)

  • Dr Ryan Shankar

    Dr Ryan Shankar

    General Practitioner

    MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

  • Dr Mohammad Aboohosseinitabari

    Dr Mohammad Aboohosseinitabari

    General Practitioner

    MD (Doctor of Medicine)

  • Dr Shyamil Sharma

    Dr Shyamli Sharma

    General Practitioner

    GP Registrar MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

Pathology Onsite

S & N Pathology has a collection centre within the medical centre for your convenience. All staff are very capably trained and experienced, and are able to collect...

Proficient Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

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